Anti-Corruption and Good Governance

To contribute to the reduction of corruption in the government organizations and non- government organizations across Afghanistan and to improve governance and implement good governance strategy, AABRAR has planned the following set of activities.

         1.   With the help of registered civil society organizations, AABRAR implements a series of capacity development trainings in the areas  of program management, financial management,   communication,   monitoring   and   evaluation,   use   of   financial                                management software and many more to help the government staff in the covered provinces get used to the transparent procedures of work and use the software that record all the incurred expenditures.

2.   AABRAR   implements  awareness  rising   in   the   provinces,   districts  and   local communities informing people of the government’s roles and responsibilities so that people understand that government is responsible to serve them and hence there is no need        to pay bribes for the legal works.

3.   AABRAR  helps  the  government  of  Afghanistan  with  offering  them  qualified individuals from time to time for the purposes of internship. This will have two fold effects,  1.  The  government  will  have  volunteers  to  work  for  them,  and  2.  The                   internees will gain experience of how the government’s activities are conducted.

4.   Capacity development trainings will be provided to the CSOs, local councils, spiritual leaders and Ullamas to help train them for supporting the government activities and to help the government of Afghanistan in smooth performance.

5.  To pave way for good governance for smooth flow of information across the government offices

        6.   To improve accountability of the government offices by the citizens of Afghanistan