Following the principle set forth in the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders that “everyone has the right, individually and in association with others, to promote and to strive for the protection and realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms at the national and international levels”; AABRAR’s advocacy efforts for human rights focus mainly on rights of persons with disabilities, youth, children, women and men have produced excellent results over the years. The main objective behind this activity is to advocate for human rights and raise voices against oppression and inequalities and to implement international standards on human rights with emphasis on rights of persons with disabilities, youth, children, men and women in order to promote civil society and reinforce the rule of law. AABRAR’s two decades of work in advocacy for human rights encourages the development of an environment where men, women, youth, children and civil society organizations can operate openly and freely.

AABRAR plans for the following activities in the area of advocacy:

1.   Civic education programs for raising awareness on human rights

2.   Trainings and workshops on UNCRPD and NAPWA

3.   Trainings and workshops for youth rights

4.   Trainings and workshops on physical accessibility of persons with disabilities

5.   Awareness on rights of women in Afghanistan

6.   Advocacy for children’s rights

7.   Advocacy regarding education for all

8.   Advocacy for youth’s rights and responsibilities

9.   Advocacy for anti-corruption and transparency