Date: 2023-03-26

Program Objectives

  • Rehabilitation, empowerment and economic development of persons with disabilities across Afghanistan
  • Reintegration and inclusion of vulnerable and persons with disabilities back into their communities so that to avoid their isolation.
  • Employment support for persons with disabilities and vulnerable people through the provision of vocational trainings, literacy and numeracy courses and other sources.
  • Increasing public awareness through civic education and public awareness sessions
  • Increase the social participation of disabled people and negate the negative stigma attached to disability through awareness rising.
  • To develop working capacity of CSOs, CDCs members, government staff and local councils through the Provision of Project Proposal writing, Project Cycle Management training, Need Assessment training, project management training and other trainings in the needed areas.
  • To help negate the conflicts in the local communities through the provision of peace building, conflict resolution and gender training to local Shura, Youth, women, CDC and government staff and other community groups.
  • To help the Afghan government in smooth execution of their policies through raising awareness about government’s role and responsibilities towards its citizens.
  • To promote human rights, women rights and rights of persons with disabilities through greater awareness raising about the NAPWA, ANDAP and UNCRPD policies and conventions.
  • To help the youth and young generation of the country through improving their skills through them with access to information, internet and capacity development trainings in different needed areas.
  • To contribute to reconstruction and rehabilitation process of Afghanistan through helping the government in the execution of policies and spreading the messages of peace.
  • To raise generic awareness about education for all, men and women and its importance in the development and prosperity of nations. 

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