Date: 2023-03-26

Sport Activities

Sporting Activities:

Sports are one of the major cultural activities in Afghanistan, which all people enjoy and share. Different organizations commonly use sporting activities as a way of bringing people together and promoting social participation and value of difference. AABRAR?s players have displayed amazing talents in bicycle riding, volley ball, and other sporting activities and enjoy sport as a way to forget about their difficulties and challenge themselves. AABRAR has always played an active role in raising the profile of Afghan players nationally and internationally. Brief summary of AABRAR?s sporting activities is as under:

    •  In 1994, disabled cyclists were sent to Pakistan to participate in the Golden Jubilee Cycle Race.

    •  AABRAR has sent teams of disabled people to participate in the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) to London In 1994.

    •  To Canada in 1995

    •  To San Francisco in 1996,

    •  To Barcelona in 1997,

    •  In 1996 disabled cyclists were also sent from AABRAR to compete in the Paralympics games in Atlanta USA.

    •  In 2003 AABRAR sent disabled messengers to Germany to participate in a mine awareness exhibition.

    •  In 2004, Afghanistan was able to send two athletes to the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens on a wild card.  National trials were held in Kabul Stadium on the 15th  of May 2004 and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) selected the top two athletes based on the trial times. These athletes attending the games are Qaher Gulam who is a double leg below knee amputee participating in the 50 km cycling event, and Marina Kareem who is a forefoot amputee participating in the 100-meter running event. Both athletes are from AABRAR.

    •  AABRAR also encourages recreation and social participation through volleyball tournaments and its annual bicycle race, which draws over 200 participants. These events also raise social awareness and display the tremendous physical and emotional strength of peoples.

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