Date: 2023-09-21

Bicycle Rehabilitation

Bicycle Rehabilitation Program:

AABRAR runs a monthly bicycle-training program with a monthly intake of 20 beneficiaries. This program is for disabled men and boys. Trainees are taught to ride an ordinary china bicycle by an experienced trainer at the center. As a part of the bicycle training, trainees are taken outside of the training premises to normal community setting to familiarize them with bicycle riding in normal day-to-day scenario. This training program includes literacy and numeracy classes, health education, mine awareness and first aid training for all participants. Participants are housed and receive food at AABRAR’s center. After one-month training program, the trainees are given a bicycle and certificate. Adult trainees use their bicycles to ride to work and many use their bicycles to start up mobile businesses. Boys use their bicycles to ride to school. Many children in rural areas are hindered from attending school due to their mobility problems; this program helps to improve their access to education through providing a supportive transition back to school through literacy and numeracy classes and measures to increase confidence.

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