Date: 2023-09-21

Health Care

Physiotherapy and Health Care Clinic:

AABRAR has two well-equipped physiotherapy centers in Kabul and Jalalabad for vulnerable and disabled people. AABRAR provide physiotherapy services to beneficiaries visiting the center when necessary. This is a necessary project component in order to ensure beneficiaries have the necessary care required to gain mobility, travel independently, and partake in the skills training so urgently required. AABRAR has well-established physiotherapy clinics with male and female sections. Both male and female trained professionals? runs outpatient centers, and also provide community services in people?s homes where movement is severely restricted. Those patients who can independently travel visit the centers and mobile physiotherapy team in their respective communities visits those patients who can’t travel independently. In case if they need any assistive devices like orthosis or Prosthesis are referred to ICRC.

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House # 554, 3rd Street of Taimani Project, Kabul Afghanistan

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+93 (0) 77 555 888 5 / +93 (0) 700 284 986

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