Date: 2023-09-21


  • Empower marginalised people economically by providing vocational training, business skills and job-search training to assist people to secure long term employment.
  • Create employment opportunities for beneficiaries when they have completed the training programs.
  • Provision of Civic Education services
  • Increase overall socio-economic participation and improve quality of life and general well being through literacy and numeracy training, health education, and mine awareness training.
  • Improve the mobility of disabled people through physiotherapy, bicycle training, and sporting activities.
  • Increase the social participation of people with disabilities and negate the negative stigma attached to disability through awareness raising.
  • Generate recreation through sporting activities
  • To provide emergency relief services in natural disasters and wars
  • To integrate people with disabilities into the broader community by providing them with access to vocational training
  • Provision of Project Proposal writing, Project Cycle Management training to the CDCs members and local councils
  • To advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities, youth and women
  • To provide peace building and conflict resolution trainings

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